Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bring back the night ⭐️

Sometimes I wonder why do I stay up for 45 hours straight, keep up with miscommunications, disrespect, and crappy food for someone else's little project that I don't get credit for? Probably because I really love the people I help out because they are my family here and I just love working with them. 
Working on a dance video last weekend was a very frustrating experience that completely wiped me out. Literally no sleep, going 45 hours straight on a very tight budget trying to make a catholic school gym look like 80's prom night... It was rough, but the girls I work with are my heroes. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

So thankful for things like people buying me a meal or a provided lunch at work. All the money I make go to pay rent; food becomes a luxury. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Night owls and butterflies.

I was doing homework at a coffee shop late Friday night, and while reading my books, I was people watching. Because it was a downtown area, so many people were dressed up, not so nice, and in a hurry to a club/bar. A thought crossed my mind, that so many of these people live by the though that they get to party on a weekend, or maybe they live by partying every night...that is their primary motivation. I remember myself living only by doing something mindless, I was neglecting books or any sort of education. 
Today, I appreciate my time in college. Even though I am older than most of the students, even in grad school, I take this time to dive into books and textbooks and projects. I am glad to be challenged and 'forced' to read and study. No matter how hard and sometimes chaotic it gets, it is such a blessing. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

In the shadows

Last night I got a chance to see Sinister with Q&A with the director Scott Derrickson afterwards. He is a Biola University and USC graduate, and it was interesting to hear about his path and his world a little bit. 

I finalized my schedule for the semester. I am down to 12 units to give myself a little break and try to raise my GPA back. Still a little behind on my homework, but I am also still waiting on some textbooks to arrive. 

Good news is that my first installment for tuition payment plan ha been paid off and the next one is due March 16th - it is only $950. After I pay that off I have to start raising funds for the next year. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Thank you all who donated and prayed and shared my need! No matter how much you were able to give, it all helped me stay in school!

I am still thrilled at the ways God works. I do not deserve the grace he is granting me. He keeps providing for me in ways I do not expect. 

I am officially enrolled for the Spring semester at Biola. My next payment is February 16th, and I have only $1000 left to pay for the rest of the semester. I would still appreciate the help, because I am still in need for donations. I need to start working on raising money for the next school year and I would love to find people who would be able to sponsor me every month with $100-$200. 

As for the other news, some of my classes this semester are going to be a struggle. The feature film I was working on, Aventura!, officially wrapped it's production and now going into post. 
My computer of 7 years died a week ago. He served me well and faithfully, and it is still able to live if I get a new battery and clean it's vents, but the thing is that it is so old that I cannot upgrade it so it could run the apps I use, or simply the browser... It's tough. So if you would like to invest into a new computer for my school work, I would appreciate a million. 

Friday, January 30, 2015


Thank you everyone for giving as low as $2. I got awarded another scholarship from Financial Aid office today, and when both of them come through into my account I will only need $3,250 more for my downpayment. 
My classes have still been dropped today, and on Monday I will have to go in and ask for a special extended grace period for enrollment and hopefully get another week. If I won't come up with the downpayment then, I have to leave the country within a week. Stakes are high. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I just got a scholarship from the CMA department. My down payment for the semester is now $4,500 and it is due tomorrow by 4:00pm PST. I need a miracle.